pc builds

by expert technicians


hardware research.

You tell us what it’s used for and the maximum you’re willing to spend. We’ll research the optimal parts based on user benchmarks and current market values. Then we’ll send over the different build possibilties along with the pros and cons of each.

price shopping.

Take out the headache of shopping for your optimal computer parts. We’ll make sure we’ve gotten you the lowest price we can. However, you have the option to choose to pay for higher prices to get faster shipments so we can finish your builds sooner.


We’ll install any operating system you’d like and update all the drivers in advance. We’ll run those pesky windows updates on our gigabit speed internet and make sure you’re using the most up to date software and drivers. We will install bitdefender which is a highly reputable anti-virus that does not eat system resources. Plus, by default we include cpu, gpu and ram overclocking so you’ll have the best performance right out of the box.

our process

This Is How We Can Help You.

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