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The Wrong Career: 3 Ways To Identify It

You finally finished college. Now is time to look for a job, but something doesn’t feel right when you find it. What do you think at that moment? You probably think that you chose the wrong career and that you did not follow your passion correctly.

But it would be best if you stopped; maybe the mistake was not the career, but the current job where you are. Sometimes it is not easy to decipher when a position is not suitable for you. For that reason, in this article, you will see three important ways to know if your current job is ideal for you or not.

  1. You Have Been in the Same Position for Years

    In most cases, a company recognizes the trajectory of its employees through job promotions. This is a traditional practice within the work culture. It occurs in all kinds of industries. Also, promotions include salary raises and new responsibilities. But what happens when you have been in a company for many years, and you continue to occupy the same position? They are not valuing your talent!

    No company is indeed obliged to promote its workers; however, doing so is a way of thanking them for years of service. Without employees, no company can produce and generate money. If you have been at your job for years and have held the same position, perhaps life is telling you that you should seek new goals. There are two things you can do.

    First, try talking to your boss or manager. Explain what you have done for the company and how you can continue demonstrating your talents in a new position. It’s not a bad thing, so you shouldn’t feel shy.

    If your boss does not want to recognize your trajectory, you can choose a new job. Many companies offer important positions to workers with years of experience.

2. Your Salary is not Close to Average

In addition to individual passions, one of the main reasons for choosing a career, a course, or a bootcamp is that profession’s role in the demand of the country. Long story short, how much do professionals get paid to do what you are going to do? Average salary should be your ultimate goal. Accepting less than that cannot be suitable for your performance, especially if you have a long time with a company.

Just because you’re a recent graduate doesn’t mean you have to accept less money. Recent graduates have newer knowledge than veteran professionals. Perhaps the hiring and prestige of the company is an excuse to hide the demand for employees.

In fact, a Glassdoor study says that a corporate company receives approximately 250 resumes, but only four to six people are called in for an interview. That average is used as an excuse for lower salaries: “It is difficult to get this job, so be satisfied with what I pay you.” If your salary is not close to average, you should get out of there! Search online how much a person earns according to the career and study which are the companies close to you.

3. You Have not Met Your Personal Goals

Before starting a new job, you should set individual goals. These goals allow you to lead a healthy lifestyle according to your daily activities. Also, you can comply with projects and investments for your economy separate from work income. However, many workers cannot have personal goals because their companies do not have time to achieve them.

This is a dire situation, and you must analyze it right now. Does your job allow you to save enough to buy a house or the right car? When was the last time you spent time with your family or friends? Do you feel that your current job is helping you to be a better professional? All of these questions help you build a unique position in your future.

You cannot allow your work to consume 100% of your time, as that will take you away from other essential aspects of your life. If none of your primary objectives have been met, and it seems that you will not achieve them in the short term, maybe you should look for a new job!


It is not that your time in the classroom was wasted. Many bad companies impede the growth of workers. Fortunately, the field of work is in constant progress, especially in countries like the United States. If any of these three things happen in your current career, it is time to take a break and look for other jobs. Don’t worry, in no time you’ll be grateful you did.


David Torrealba

I’m a Venezuelan journalist, illustrator, and SEO writer. I’ve been creating content for blogs, social media, newspapers, and websites since 2016.

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